Improving quality of life and quality of construction by addressing:
• Durability.
• Life safety & accessibility.
• Interior environment (ventilation & daylighting).
• Structural design & inpection.
• Materials-durability and combustibility & ecological impact (cement replacement).
• Flood resistance.

Following Green building construction, it aims to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions On-site Supply of Renewable Energy – The building or surrounding property shall supply 3% or more of building energy use with on-site renewable
energy. Scope- The following systems and loads shall be used to calculate the total building performance:
• Cooling systems
• Heating systems
• Service water heating
• Fan systems
• Lighting power
• Receptacle loads
• Process loads


Improving indoor air quality, reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the ozone layer through:
• Prescribed minimum outdoor air %.
• Minimum ventilation rates to protect occupant health.
• Design of duct work to promote efficiency (insulation, leakage).
• Zone and air distribution effectiveness.
• Minimum car park ventilation rates.
• Exhaust systems.
• Refrigerant classifications.
• Thermal storage & ground source heat pump systems.